Volcanic Vodka

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Volcanic Super Premium vodka 700ml 40% by alcohol volume: Distilled 7 times from wheat grains and pure Icelandic water.Very soft natural vodka with hot aftertaste, full of body, character and confection.From the depths of the earth, volatile and extreme forces resulted in the 2010 volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, a spectacular show of nature’s extraordinary power and unparalleled beauty. The eruption with its 3,7 mile plume of ash, stopped air traffic across Europe, riveting the world’s atten-
tion for more than two months, until it finally gave a way to clear and safe skies. Few volcanic eruptions have made as many headlines as this one.


All together, the carefully selected high-quality ingredients and the elaborate and careful distillation, create a high-quality vodka with a unique taste and an extraordinary smoothness.


Perfect for drinking pure or on the rocks, so that in its purest form it can delight the taste buds.


Smooth and full-bodied. The purity of the natural vodka accompanies every sip and it surprises with a long-lasting smoothness on the palate.


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