Víti Bitter Schnapps

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Víti was the largest eruption in Askja. In the eruption of 1875, ashes and weeks were spun in one of the largest ash clouds in the country’s history. The Askja eruption was based in East Iceland, causing many to move to America. Víti is a jagerbitter schnapps, little sweet with a bitter taste.

Grain to Glass in Iceland

Aquavite also called Brennivín in Iceland has a dominant flavour of caraway seeds and is the traditional spirit of Iceland. With Víti we aim to bring you the authentic spirit of Icelandic nature. Víti is triple pot distilled using our custom-made small batch distilling unit. This method gives us a truly unique spirit base from the Icelandic barley and allows all essential oils from the native botanicals to be carefully preserved during the distilling process.

100% Icelandic Premium Aquavite

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products, along with our caraway seeds we use a selection of other Icelandic herbs and botanicals, either wild picked from the highlands of Iceland or grown locally.


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