Mountain Vodka

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Our Mountain Vodka was named one of best new vodkas in 2016 by and won the Gold Medal from at the International Review of Spirits 2017. We also got the honor of being named one of the Top Trends products for 2017 by the Whisky Exchange. The Icelandic Mountain Vodka is distilled seven times so it feels extra smooth while still standing strong at 40% alcohol. The Icelandic Mountain Vodka is made with pure Icelandic water and is Gluten free. In two years the Mountain Vodka has found it’s way into 16 countries in Europe, Canada and all of the Costco stores in the UK along with the Eagle Gin.

Product Info: Distilled 7 times, 40% alcohol, Gluten Free, Made with pure Icelandic water.

Quote from “Clear color. Creamy, confected aromas and flavors of spumoni, peach jam, and pistachio paste with a round, dryish medium-to-full body and a lychee and mint cream finish. A vodka full of character, body, and confection – balanced and unexpected.”


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