Maker of premium
Icelandic Spirits

With a combination of Icelandic water and the worlds finest ingredients EsjaSpirits makes some of the worlds best spirits. Years of experience in turn guarantee 100% quality in every bottle

  • Selected ingredients
    Every ingredient we use is handpicked by our team members. This is to ensure that our recipes get the respect the deserve and that our customers always know what they are getting.
  • Product development
    We constantly strive to find and make new products. Product development is at the core of what we do. Iceland still has a lot to show the world when it comes to our spirits and blends.
  • Icelandic Water
    We have the purest water in the world. Our water is currently being bottled and sold all around the world at an absolute premium price. We can see no other substitute for our spirits,.
  • Scientific quality control
    We ensure that every bottle that leaves our plant is up to our standards. We do this with extensive testing and protocols.
  • Perennial Recipes
    Our recipes are not all our own. We have traveled the country, tasting and experiencing what Iceland have been brewing for centuries. These are the unique blends we want to offer the world.
  • Modern Equipment
    Our facilities have some of the most modern equipment in the industry. This ensures quality control and a consistent flow of products. So not to let our buyers down, whether B2B or B2C.

Our spirits and what we stand for

«Utilizing first class spirit manufacturing technology, taking into account the desires of our consumers»

With our world class facilities in Reykjavik Iceland, we are able to produce some of the worlds finest spirits. Award winning brands like Old Islandia Gin and The Mountain Vodka, all produced by our team. With an ever expanding product line, EsjaSpirits and its partners are excited for the future.

Discover our spirits

Check out our selection of spirits. Everything from gin to schnapps, we put an emphasis on quality and solid brands. If you have any further questions you can always send us a line!

«Since 1987 we have refined our craft, with increased production capabilities, we are ready to take on the world»

69k litres/day

For many years, our spirits have been highly for their ingredients, taste and branding

The master distiller

With 50 years of experience « Ragnar Tryggvason » is a leader in his field

Ragnar Tryggvason was born in Krónustaðir, a farm in North Iceland in 1953. At 15 years old he started working for Víking Brewery and subsequently became the production manager in 1975. Thirteen years later Ragnar became the plant manager at Pepsi Cola Iceland.

Ragnar has garnered worldwide experience and in 1993 he was hired as the Technical Director of Baltic bottling in St. Petersburg and Bravo in 1996, also located in St. Petersburg. He was a Project Directer for Heineken Group in Russia and worked on installing filling lines for them. In 2006 Ragnar became the Technical Director at Banja Luka Brewery in Bosnia.

In 2010 Ragnar joined Volcanic Drinks as a partner where he works as plant manager and master distiller.